Saturday, August 17, 2013

Never Be the Same, by Hannah-Kate

Do beware

Oh, travelers fair

In the hidden wood

Of golden hound

Who seeks your life

A living sacrifice

He walks the Paths

So they say

Searching for souls astray

If you see him

Then you're changed

You’ll never be the same

That’s what happened

So I’ve heard

To bard of Rudiobus

The rascal cat

A handsome flirt

Who only loved himself

He lived to live

For pleasure alone

And all were used to help

King of himself

Death to all who dared

Dispute his special royal rule

In his little liar

He worked for himself

For only one

And only one alone

Then why’d he stop

For mortal maid

Who lay asleep


Why’d he give

What he was due

To a woman’s child

Why else would he

Bring her with

To save his lady’s life

And promise then

To help her too

The story I tell is true

Why’d he guard

With zealous words

And acts of jealous passion

Why did he

Fear for her

Not caring for himself

Explain to me

When prideful cat

Walked on Death’s own Path

Took hold of light

That lantern left

By the Brother Knight

And why would he

When he was freed

With his lady love

Leave his quest

And lady true

To his rival pest

To follow the maid

To adventure’s end

Willing to die for her

Why would he

In the Place of the Teeth

Kneel before another

All he was

He gave away

A servant to the King

So beware

Oh, travelers fair

In the hidden wood

The golden hound

He seeks your life

A living sacrifice

If you see him

You’ll be changed

And never be the same

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