Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Return to Me, by Rebekah

A silent path,

Shining down,

Floating through the air

To touch this cold ground.

Dancing around her,

Sparkling in the night,

Hymlume's fair children;

Glowing, soft and bright.

She weaves thro'

Her path.  Dancing

Thro' the sky.  Listen,

Hear her singing:

"I praised You,

The One Who Reigns on High.

I praise You still.

Listen, born to die."

Silver robes trailing,

Tears upon her face.

She dances with her children

Who remain'd in place.

Coming with the moonlight,

Her sorrows follow.

Listen to her song,

Yesterday, today, tomarrow:

"Beyond the Final Water falling,

In my songs, I'm recalling

My stars fleeing.  Children, no!

Won't you return to me?"

The stars tremble,

Gazing at their mother.

They murmur.  And then -

There comes another.

Soft, repentant steps.

Restored, horn stain'd red;

Approaching his mother,

Whom he harmed and fled.

The moonbeams shiver,

Turning white from blue.

Hymlume smiles,

Her songs ringing true. 

The moonlight glows,

Reflecting from Lume, Lord.

And the midnight shows

An old star restored. 

Beyond the Final Water falling,

Songs of Spheres recalling.

The one lost now returns.

Won't you return to Me?

 The origin of this ballad is uncertain.  Credit was thought to belong to the great Bard and Knight of Farthestshore, Sir Eanrin of Rudiobus.  But he adamantly denies having anything to do with it, and gives meaningful glances toward the good Dame Imraldera.

She, of course, though, only smiles and says that she recorded it down, nothing more.

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